Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of a Kind

Nothing new to post today. I am working on card kits for a class I am teaching to my sister's Sorority on April 20th. I hope to finish them off this weekend. I then need to make a very special 80th Birthday card for my Mom for April 29th! My 4 sisters and I are taking her to Ottawa that weekend to celebrate.

On another note, I did get my order from Stampin' Up yesterday. I love their products. Their stamps are the best quality that I have ever worked with and trust me I have tried a lot of different stamps! I love the fact that the paper, stamps, and stamp pads all coordinate. You can make some beautiful creations using Stampin' Up supplies. Here's a photo of my newest addition to my stamp collection - "One of a Kind". I think the large flower will look really nice stamped, embossed, cut out and layered a few times! What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. love this stamp set so when am i coming over for a workshop ? you can teach me all the stampin up tricks !! hey if you read this early enough i have to come to guelph tomorrow (wed)do you fancy meeting up for lunch ? call me and if not i'll call you ! would love to see ya sister !

  2. Darn! I have a Doctor's appointment at 12:30 today so I can't do lunch. On a brighter note, I do need to make a hair appointment in the near future so maybe we can catch up then!